"Agraneeh Educate" - A seminar to induce ownership, self belief and focus be your child's assets as they prepare for their board exams, also choosing now and always the right friends.
Prepares them for life ahead

This 16th July, your child (class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th class, college 1st year)...embarks on a journey of, owning his/her marks, subject choices and career journey to achieve success being highly motivated by it, also being an inspiration to others. Enhanced momentum for some kids and sheer transformation for others. "The Agraneeh educate", a 4 hour workshop by Mr Sachinn S Sharma, is a customized children's program, a leaf out of his powerful "The Agraneeh man", program for corporate and business leaders. How and the what's now. Ownership of ones ambition starts from:

  • 1. Knowing what to do
  • 2. How and where to do
  • 3. Knowing ones strengths to enhance & align and challenges to overcome
  • 4. Getting inspired about it.

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No more should the "board exam"/ adjusting well into the new found freedom of college be a pressure but a happy challenge to meet. One of the many in life to come. The programme will induce knowledge in the following sequence and create a support structure outside the workshop room, in the real world of friends, peer pressure, false hero's at times, pressure from the school, parents et Al.

Some highlights that your child will experience

  • 1. How to chose company wisely & have the strength to breakaway from bad influences
  • 2. What is manifestation and how to manifest ones desires
  • 3. What is responsibility and what fulfilling experience it is to take responsibility of life
  • 4. A strong grounding on the basic principles in life, in line with the universal laws
  • 5. To dream is good and how to achieve is techniques to be learnt
  • 6. Results in exams are nothing but baby structures that need to be planned and executed in the right sequence, will be discussed, plan setup
  • 7. Taking inspiration from the right hero's and deep insights from their lives, allows them to be excited and self guided &
  • 8. Helping create the realistic standards when back at home to sustain the new acquired knowledge.
  • Date 16th July.
  • Seats 15,
  • venue - Le Meriden, Gurgaon.
  • Boardroom -"The Sapphire"
  • Timings 9.30 am to 2.00 pm ( with loads of snacks etc and fun to learn environment ).
  • Cost per seat Rs 9,000 inclusive of 18% tax.

Each parent would be handed over a small support list to action it at home later. A parent would be required to be at the venue at 1.15 pm to witness the wrap up session and the group dicuss the learnings, to ensure the home environment is ready to welcome and support the powerful new change.

Venue: Le Meriden (Board room-Sapphire) Gurgaon
Time: 9.30 am to 6.00 pm, includes lunch and abundance of soul food.

Call For Enquiries: 9971859111

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