AGRANEEH - the Agraneeh man - article-1

Human life- The Soul spends infinite births to acquire this human body. The ultimate aim of our soul is to attain "moksha", escape the ever repeating cycle of birth and death and transcend onto a higher level. What holds a soul to this never ending cycle is our karma, born out of the acts we perform, the words we speak and the thoughts we create within ourselves, all are frequencies being emitted onto the universe/cosmos and frozen in a record form in the form of sound bytes. What we repeat often out of our spoken words, what power we give to one particular thought again and again becomes a mantra on us and hence our life's pattern. Read More

Destiny and your karma - Article-2

The destiny, popularly perceived is pre decided will take its course, a blueprint of life, one wonders, if that be then how would numerology or any human intervention can help? The destiny is a direction that one takes to fulfills ones journey in this karmic world called earth in a human body. Numerology does help interpret the blueprint in its various aspects and be a helpful guide. In the world of “karma”, it is a free will life and that we as humans can take any direction we wish to. The universe will not intervene other than in the following manner. We will not be at peace within, if we are not following our intended path. Read More