Participate in a day-long seminar to find answers to below questions with the 'Agraneeh Man' (he who takes you on your journey to the top)

  • 1. Do you feel powerless in front of your bosses, teams, clients, spouse, friends, your children?
  • 2. Does abundance of money always elude you?. Expenses always lineup before the money comes in?
  • 3. Do you lack the enthusiasm, backed by day to day high energy to achieve your dreams?
  • 4. Do you aspire to be an inspiration to others?
  • 5. Are you facing a downward trend in your career or business?
  • 6. Are you are hypertensive or a constant worrying person?
  • 7. Is your house always ridden with health problems, infighting amongst the family members.?

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Venue: Le Meriden (Board room-Sapphire) Gurgaon
Time: 9.30 am to 6.00 pm, includes lunch and abundance of soul food.

Call For Enquiries: 9971859111

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