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Child Name Analysis & Correction

Name keeping, check, critical for your child
"30 minutes", that can be the most significant counsel, protection, your child can get for his/her life. Renowned Numerologist -Mr Sachinn S Sharma, with over 3 decades of research, insights. His guidance covers, name check, correction, choice of subjects, career guidance, a robust health, excellence in tests to come, responsible relationships, and safety.

Numerology Consultation

Numerology Life Reading
Life reading, name check, name correction for an individual and family - A complete review of life to be, while a clear commentary on past life’s unfulfilled karmas if any, that may be catastrophic if not paid.

Vastu Consultation

Vastu Shastra / Energy balance
It is an action to ensure that your office and home has not negative energies in it and the flow of energy is smooth. Consult your Vastu For Home, Offices, Factory, and Shop by Famous Vastu Expert Sachinn S Sharma

Business Consultation

How Numerolgy Helps Your Business?
Any business enterprise faces a few / multiple challenges as listed below, where Numerology is a very effective tool as a solution. Compatibility of Business Name or Partnerships. How to deal with people - clients, vendors, key employees, etc.

NUMEROLOGIST, Chief Mentor - AGRANEEH (Spiritual Orientation, Money Magnet 6 and Power magnet, programs), NISST Umbrella Foundation, Vastu/Energy balance and empowerment. Angel’s invocation, Mantras, Gems, Crystals. Life Design revelation through the customized 100 pager, “Your Karmic Life Path book”. Over 2 decades of Numerology practice, coupled with 23 years in the corporate life at several leadership roles and business interests in diverse ventures.

It is very rare that one comes across a personality who leaves an indelible impression: rarer still if the person inspires, guides and coaxes you to look inwards, listen to your soul, makes you understand your destiny and makes you feel empowered: rejuvenated and reborn with a zeal to excel against all odds and make things happen.
Sachinn S Sharma, is one such person. A teacher to some, a healer to some, a guide to others but where all agree - a mentor who introduced them to Karmic influences, the spiritual space and guided them to better personal spaces.Read more

SSS Money Magnet Programe

The Agraneeh Man Programe

Angel Invocation Programe