The program cleanses deep rooted karmic (past life's) blockages, belief systems and mind-sets in the areas of money, peace in relationships, power in interpersonal negotiations and ensures overall a very healthy personal deposition. A life of never experienced before power and energy to execute at the ground level.

The impact, through enhanced energy is a direct connect to ones manifestation of the material, the mental and the spiritual target  to overall abundance.

IT IS NOT A MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAM, instead a precise, tightly knit approach to making a strong change/ impact to the deepest beliefs in the subconscious mind, the cellular makeup and hence the genetic structure and to the aura that one exudes to the outer world of influence. THIS IS A LIFE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM, a unique amalgamation of the latest research and findings of the science of biology, metaphysics and the centuries old knowledge of how to access  the universe and to ones inner being, the chakras, mantras, angels, and much more.


23rd December 2018
The Agraneeh Workshop

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Venue: Le Meriden (Board room-Sapphire) Gurgaon
Time: 9.30 am to 6.00 pm, includes lunch and abundance of soul food.

Call For Enquiries: 9971859111