Masters In Professional Numerology

By Sachinn S Sharma

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If you’ve reached here, it means you are keen & curious to learn what Numerology is & how it can help you in your life.

1. Numerology is a 20,000-year-old science, in which each letter is converted into a number, each number is converted into a planet & each planet gives an intuitive image in the eyes of the recipient, ie, a Numerologist. This intuitive course will help you to understand the art of numerology & how these numbers relate to you and others.
2. You will learn How Numerology should be, how it should be seen, how & why it’s seen differently along with it’s components.
3. You probably already know this, but, If you are like me for many years, I put off stepping into my true role. One day I listened to the energy around me and I realized my hidden power. You can too, or help others realize their power & lead them to their true path, once we remove the clutter and bring you the true secrets of Numerology.
4. This course will allow you to get a much deeper understanding of yourself allowing you to move forward in your path with more confidence and clarity of purpose. It can help with all aspects of your life from education & career, to wealth, to love and romance, to psychic and spiritual ability.
5. This course will take you step by step along the numerology highway giving you the ability to calculate and understand the meaning of all aspects of numerology.
6. This is beneficial for yourself but also for others, for which you can provide paid services based on this course alone.

In this course we will cover

Opportunity v/s Ability
Core Numbers and Transitions
Master numbers and potential
Karmic debts and consequences
Karmic lessons and how to overcome them
Birth charts making
Pinnacle time calculations
Challenge time calculations
Time cycles
Correlating 7,8,9.
Yearly number and their limitations
Essence numbers and its complications
Monthly number and their relationship with bigger time cycles
Name and its components
Rules of name changes
Correlating the full charts
Cell numbers usage
House number and its powers
Remedies as an SOP
Practical remedies

It’s not important if you buy a course for your own personal development, what is important is that you buy the right course. This course also comes with an in-depth 120-page Master Manual that not only backs up what is said in the course in terms of the calculations but also all the meanings for each number along with the remedies to use time and time again.

Now is the perfect time for you to walk your true spiritual path with clarity and purpose. It is said, when the student is ready the teacher appears. Join me on this complete numerology course today and let’s see what the numbers mean for you.

God Bless Us All
Sachinn S Sharma

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What will you learn:

  • Spiritual and karmic Numerology – way to success
  • Core nature of all numbers
  • Core numbers – what are they, % impact
  • Transitions of the core planets
  • Master numbers, karmic debts, karmic lessons
  • Birth chart/ Luck charts
  • Name numbers – name keeping, calculate names, check, correction and counsel
  • Calculating the “FUTURE”
  • Pinnacles and challenges
  • Time cycles
  • Yearly numbers and yearly essence
  • Monthly numbers
  • Connecting all the above elements to ensure a powerful, “Full Life”, reading for everyone

This course includes:

  • 4.8 hours of 11 on-demand videos, playable thrice
  • 120 page downloadable Master Manual, Copyrighted material completely tested over hundreds of clients
  • 6 months full access
  • Access on mobile and laptop
  • Certificate of the Masters in Professional Numerology to enable you to become an earning professional
  • Over 100 YouTube videos for reference

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