Best Book on Numerology in IndiaMaster's in Professional Numerology

By Sachinn S Sharma - Globally Eminent Numerologist

Learn the magnificent art of Predictive Numerology. Buy best book on Numerology written by Mr Sachinn S Sharma(Author of Indian Origin) who has been recognised as one of the most Trusted and Eminent Numerologist all over the globe for providing vast knowledge by practising and teaching Numerology for past 37+ Yrs in India as well as overseas. He has been awarded with a huge number of awards and appreciation across the globe for his work in the science of Numerology. To name a few he has been awarded as Gold Medalist in Asian Astrologers Conference.

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This book is the latest book published in 2022 which has been copyrighted by government of India. This book trains fellow human beings uncover their life’s purpose – and so much more – with numerology. This book covers all fundamental topics to learn numerology from basic to advance.

Table of Content is as follows :

  1. Numbers & its value
  2. Life path 1-9
  3. Maturity numbers
  4. Soul numbers
  5. Personality numbers
  6. Master Numbers
  7. Karmic debts
  8. Your Birth chart -The Luck Explained
  9. Name Numbers
  10. Rational thought
  11. Future revealed – The Time cycles
  12. Pinnacle cycles
  13. Challenge Numbers
  14. Personal year & Essence on your life
  15. Personal Month
  16. The World of Remedies


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