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The world of Numerology has allowed us to discover and unleash the power of the universe and its planetary influences by assigning it a mathematical value. Values which are consistent and allows consistent interpretation of the results over and over again. The world of business enterprise management, corporate affairs, career management is nothing more then an exercise of how humans behave with each other + how each operator, partner, manager is programmed in his, her mind subconsciously to react, effect situations, take decisions that impacts in single (career for individuals ) to multi directions (in case of business decisions).
  • First element
  • Second element
  • Third element
  • Fourth element

The first element of any business is the mental and luck factor of its chief mentors, founders, directors, board of directors i.e the key decision makers not only individually but as a group, specially exuding harmony, resolving conflict in their own personal life’s blueprints perspective, partner compatibility with each other, the role assigned to each, the timing in their individual life, all effect the health of the business most significantly and so to setup/correct. It is then my effort to ensure personal charts of each director be optimized for highest potential and luck gathering. Essentially a partnership, constitution of a board of directors is a “marriage of the hearts and luck and intent’, and I the best marriage counselor. Then comes an effective “succession plan”, organizing a family board of directors, fitting in the right member into a right role, looking the plants for closures, expansions.

The second element is the name of the company, the name of the brand, the line of business, timing of diversification, closure, merger all which will send out the frequencies to the outer world as to who we are, what we sell and if done properly be well received by the market. Its in the same manner for an individual, once their charts are optimized and is ready to be circulated into the job market. The date of launch for the company, brand, plant etc.

The third element is assigning key critical tasks to the right people with the right luck factor and their numerology is the best bet, a much more powerful tool then any psychometric test, counseling by a psychologist as it is able to interpret the forces behind the luck) as well as the timing, the long term intention of the person, even ones integrity factor and how his/ her future seems to be spanning out, armed with this information, the “key critical hiring becomes “, an effort to create a stable and strong organization, lead by committed leaders and has a direct impact on employee retention and employee morale. Where a lot of companies falter on is a ready “succession plan”, specially in key strategic positions enabling companies to have continuity. A good plot to have the right people be in the right place, stable leadership, a contingency plan on succession allows the company to constantly grow on quality by retaining and expanding on its knowledge quotient by preventing knowledge leaks through high turnover of people. I execute this on a “monthly retainer”, model basis. Keeping an eye on the human workforce.

The physical environment makes a significant impact on the peace, focus and overall health of an member of the workforce. over a period of time it impacts the employee turnover, absenteeism constantly. Setting the right Vastu / energy flow in the offices, retail showrooms, factory is all a part of my business consultation model, in person on simply on the blueprints.

Strategic Interventions

An annual “personal confidential”, report on the health, focus of each critical member of the company at leadership level to the chairperson, individual proprietor, enabling “no surprises”, from the leadership workforce. A business is as successful as its people and knowing their intentions, action that may take in advance is a “cutting edge tool” for the chief mentor, chairperson.

Agraneeh Empower – 1 to 2 day workshop for all leadership, 2nd in commands, middle level managers and the sales force. a unique merge of powerful mind programming, deep understanding of souls journey, attracting manifestations in line with the mission and vision set-out by the company, attaining relentless energy to achieve it, following the top class global practices to achieve scale for the company, finding loyalty as a means to “peace within”, towards their jobs. This workshop is designed to alter the “DNA” of the company and gives it an instant boost to surge forward.


A business is as good as the people managing it.the business dynamics keep changing and it’s critical for the longevity of any business that there is a constant, quality supervision and leadership guidance at all levels.

Numerology helps to identify the right person for the right job”.

Every position in the management of the company must have a ready backup as a potential successor so that even if your best A player leaves the current position, the continuity of the enterprise will not be affected.

With the Numerology chart that I make, it’s clear to identify the best fit for a particular job, like a CEO, COO, and CXO level or if the need is kept the pipeline filled with an external resource.


In the business world as well as in life, the right timing is most important. Any decision to expand, diversify or acquire, divest depends on the personal chart of the owner/s.

The fair potential of one’s numerology chart, along with the merging of 2/3 minimum, critical time cycles makes up for the best time to take strong, strategic decision.

I strongly advise taking the above into serious cognizance. it would avoid expensive mistakes and yet give a clear picture of how far and for how long will one’s decisions show positive results.

In many normal cases, the project starts will all high energy and some good short term achievements too, but ultimately it peters down.


Every partner in the business brings in his or her own luck to the table.

even the ones, whose name is a part of the directorship with no active role.

And then comes to the complicated situation of active partners or in the case of family-run businesses of what role to give to each partner, which plant, which line of business etc.

Numerology, I have experienced over the past 20 plus years is the most effective, “problem solver” and allows each to work to their full potential as well as in harmony.


From identifying whether a project will suit an entrepreneur (mostly with limited means), to help hire right talent with least payout possible, to fix multi roles within the limited team….the world of Numerology would also help in selecting the right company name, the brand name, the logo.

With years of my own leadership roles in brands like GE, DELL, BANK AM, INDYMAC BANK, JC PENNY, THE PARK, SOFITEL, AT&T, CLARKS, I can help set up strong operations, HR and marketing structures. 


This is amongst the most important functions that can be given a cutting edge, amongst all psychometric systems of hiring the right talent, especially at the leadership position.

With just the name, I can identify the true nature of the interviewee and can validate the interview process significantly.

With the date, month, year details, I can figure out the “basic luck”, which defiantly helps the person concerned.

as we study the other aspects, stability, time cycles of change being there or not, integrity, family support system and hence putting the right person in the right job.

one must never underestimate the sheer power and potential of this exercise.

it allows to build up a strong, stable, self-motivated and harmonious workforce with minimal attrition and max knowledge and skill retention.

It has a direct measurable impact on costs as well as the quality of output of the team.


Every organization grows with the efforts, commitment and acumen of a few key critical people in the board, executive board and one level below.

I prepare a short 2 pager on each of the key critical resources, including, help hire them, also about how the new financial years look for them. Their family stability, own stability in terms of continuity, integrity or any other red flag that the charts may throw up.

This effort safeguards the growth and steers the company away from “internal dynamics”, of the team. 

This is a very strategic move and can be exercised at other team levels too.


Through a personal visit or studying the blueprint of the layout of offices, factory floor, retail of just empty lands, I advise my clients on all factors of energy balance.

This improves the focus and productivity of the workforce, reduces labour issues and keeps attrition levels under control.

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