Numerology Matrimonial Consultation, Relationship Compatibility

Matrimonial Consultation, Divorce Prediction & Relationship compatibility through Marital Numerology
Relationship Compatibility

with remedies to resolve non compatible numbers. Relationships are based on 4 major factors and must be tabulated to know the immediate compatibility v/s long term stability and more.

Delayed Marriage

Removal of the blockage speedup the marriage process. Root cause analysis of the blockage and time calculation of the main windows’ and sub windows for tying the final knot.

Marriage Selection Date Through Numerology

a very critical factor in successful marriage. Most important factor includes both the date of birth but also other dates to derive a strong combination of a correct marriage date.

Numerology Prediction for Divorce

the reason, the remedies to a successful remarriage and resettlement. The issue may span from blockages of the name, dates and time to the past life debts that are being/need to be paid up.

    • Which city /country movement would suit one more?
    • Counseling on healing of the past situation which is blocking one from accepting a new relationship.
    • The house number check before registration and the VASTU check of the residence, office / shop.

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