My Happy Clients

I want to be somehow useful in nisst so that my child is able to complete her education as she has s deserving child and i am not in position to earn currently a good paycheck to afford her education. 🙏🏼

IThankful for all your contributions in gurbanis life .i am short on words

“Sir thanks million for this enlightening session, it is a recap for me with advance technics , u r great person in my life for inspiration and fighting my own battles to achieve my goal , once again thanks a lot,”

“My name is Prradip Lamba and by professions I work for Samsung Electronics (Corp Office) and working on the disruption in Marketing by setting up and scaling the Audience Marketing and Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing.”

I am so blessed to have a great friend mentor in life. I have no words to thankyou for whatever you have done for me in my bad phase

“Sachinn brother, to tell the truth, it’s today’s session when I was attentive, listening, thinking, analysing and finally concluding that yes if I seriously and regularly even do part of what you are teaching, it can make a difference to my life, I can achieve what I am aspiring and feel content. Thanks a lot for forcing me to come. I will send both my kids to enlighten themselves very soon”

Hello everyone
My self Deepika Rathi a homemaker from Assam. I learnt numerology from Mr.Sachinn S Sharma. Before starting this course I was bit confused, I must enroll or not as the market was full of all these courses. To choose the right was bit difficult as I already wasted a lot of money… people just making fool.. but after attending the very first class I was full of energy and positive vibes ki I am at the right place… And today I think I am the biggest fan of Mr Sachinn ji…. The knowledge he shared with us was out of box the things he thought us was that we have never heard before… I don’t have words to thanks him for giving the knowledge to us so that we can make our n our love ones life better.. and all the very best for the noble work you have started for the daughter of India, truly appreciate your work and your passion for them… thank you so much

“When you stood for me, there was none by my side. To be honest, i didn’t expect that you would do that much for me. I want to thankyou for all the support and i can realise your concern care by the things you have done for me and doing by being there for Gurbani”

“Good Morning everyone and heartiest  thank you for the warm welcome given to the new batch of Agraneeh Man (28th July 19) participants and students.”

Mr Sachin Sharmais a thorough professional and has good command over subjects like Astrology and Numerology.. He correctly predicted people job change and foriegn travel ..And again ..I must say ..he is good teacher and superb human being 🙏🙏
Sushma Mishra

I joined the numerology course few days Back
Batch 23
First of all it was a great learning Frn Sachinn sir my Numero guruji

Yesterday I did the angels class
My AC was on in my locked room
At the end of class
Inspite of AC my palm and fingers of both the hands were not only warm but sweating continuisly for half an hour
After that I went to
Panchmukhi hanumanji temple

That eve night I was feeling were spiritually elevated
Great exp all in All

My name is Bharrat Gobind Sharma and I am a student of Sachinn sir.
I discussed my problem with Sachinn sir, that I suspect that I might be under the influence of black magic, since my mental health is very bad and I face obstructions in all my endeavours. He made me talk to a renowned healer from his team.

It was concluded that I was under the influence of 9 negative energies, 1 of of which was related to black magic, and it will require a 10 day ritual for nullification of these energies.  I was also told that the remedies that I got done in the padt through havans and poojas, were just temporary relief measures, which is why I was still struggling with the issue and its effects.
10 day ritual was conducted and to my greatest surprise the problems I was facing, (mainly related to my mental health) simply vanished on 12-13th day. I never felt so light in last so many years.

I am a real witness to this miracle and would recommend everyone who suspects that they have a problem which is related to black magic, should seek help from sachinn sir and his team.
They are the most knowledgeable, skilled and most importantly, most genuine practitioners of occult sciences.

And by most genuine I especially mean with respect to the monetary fee that they charge, which is very genuine and also is used in philanthropic activities.

I am thankful to God that they made me meet Sachinn sir when I needed it the most.

I hereby declare that if anyone still has a doubt, about anything mentioned above, they can call me at 9501360531 and ask anything about it.  To ensure that you are under the guidance of safest minds, I can share my adhaar card details too, and you can have in person meet at my place if you want. I am based in Panchkula, Haryana.

With sincere gratitude and regards to Sachinn Sir and his team,
Dr. Bharrat Gobind Sharma

My name is Prradip Lamba and by professions I work for Samsung Electronics (Corp Office) and working on the disruption in Marketing by setting up and scaling the Audience Marketing and Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing.
Yesterday’s session was very insightful and it has helped me to understand

1. I am the creator of my destiny and these techniques if practice regularly will help us transform our life and train our subconscious mind to demand from universe and cosmic energies what we wanted to achieve
2. Look at life from different perspective. To understand our existence in the universe and how can we take the help of Angles, Mantras and manifestations to guide our life to a +ve route.
3. Most important is to understand and remove distractions and Guilt from our life.
Practical and physical exercises were really amazing, I did these exercises this morning and really start feeling positive.

Sachinn ji, thank you for the inspiring and valuable session. I wish I’d have done this in 2016 when I’d met you first time. Wish you and all ex and new participants health, luck and success.
If anyone has missed the chanting Mantra here it is:-
Chant from morning till 2 PM…do it silently in your heart.
“Ravi kiran ruchi karan

In Tune With The Universe