How to keep a Powerful name for the child?

June 9, 20220

Mr. Sachinn S Sharma is a Numerologist and also a Gold Medallist at Asian Astrologers Conference. He is a master in Professional Numerology. It has been believed that Numerology affects the life of the child to a large extent while keeping his/her name. It is a powerful science and magical intuitive art. He suggests that once the child is born, the name of the child should be kept as soon as possible as everybody starts calling the child with their nicknames whose sounds give frequency and are measured in wavelengths and these affect the child to much extent.

A child’s life gets affected by these factors because of the control of the frequency of his/her formal name or nickname as both the names have different powers. When these two planets clash with each other, the childhood of the child gets very restless and parents get worried about the things related to the child’s study and others. He advises avoiding nicknames and keeping long names. As a Numerologist, he is aware of three things- which planet dominates the child, are there any unfulfilled or wrongly committed karmas, also known as Karmic Dosh, what does the luck chart of the child depicts, and should know about the calculation of future. He also tells about the importance of numbers which are good or bad. One should know that keeping a name through Numerology is an essential exercise and important just like Polio drops are necessary for a child. He also suggests that a mother should keep the name of his/her child or is accepted by her if kept by any other person in the family and consult with a numerologist.

He tells that a name is accepted and kept by a mother wholeheartedly, then only karmas sit properly on to the child’s vibration otherwise they won’t. This rule is important while keeping the name of the child.

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