The Agraneeh Man Sessions Own Your Destiny Defore It Owns You Sachinn S Sharma?

June 9, 20220

Sachinn S Sharma, who is an eminent Numerologist and Vastu expert. He is also a gold medalist. Through the AGRANEEH MAN seminar, he tells us about the two stages of development of the human mind to the extent. He says that the human mind develops from the age of infant till 7 years of age where the child gets the most from his/her parents which develops the wiring of the brain. This wiring has been medically proven till 25 years of age of the child to prepare him/her to face adulthood and its challenges.

As per Numerology chart, a person’s time changes in 30th, 36th, 42nd, 46th, 50th year of age. There are two big milestones for a person from the beginning of their life, that is, 7th year of age and 25th year of age. If the person gets the correct inputs while studying at school, then s/he gets to travel for college and then for a real life journey. He says that if the input of the person has been established properly, then the 50th year of the life shall be the rewarding year as per numerology which gives positive rewards. But if the inputs have not been established, then there shall be chances of struggle till s/he reaches the age of 50. S/he might get worried about family, financial, health and other problems too.

The Agraneeh Man seminar takes you to a journey where one will get to know about the wiring of the mind through numerology. As per Numerology, wiring can be done socially, relationship wise, money wise, health wise, managing the boss, and so on. This is the circle where life revolves. Through the Agraneeh Man seminar, he helps in dealing with the issues that a person is facing in his/her life.

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