Vastu tips for Money Prosperity and Financial Success?

June 9, 20220

Sachinn S Sharma, who is a leading numerologist and Vastu expert, was also a Gold medallist at Asian Astrologers Conference. Being a Vastu expert, he shares Vastu tips for money, prosperity, and financial success at our homes. He shares tips on how of how to plan one’s own house for Vastu perfection. While talking about Vastu expert, he tells that it brings luck, peace, and prosperity to a house.

Sharing his Vastu first tip for home, he tells that one should keep an idol or a picture of Goddess Ganesha, a symbol of protection, or a Swastik, a symbol of spirituality at the main door. These are very powerful and protect homes from power and remove blockages. He talks about the reality of destroying the energy of the house by bringing in shoes inside it which brings disharmony, diseases, and loss of money. One should remove and keep all the shoes outside the house only because leather brings negativity to the house. He also talks about smart devices like Amazon Alexa and tells that one should not keep these devices in the bedroom as it is believed that they record one’s secrets. One should also keep the east side of the house free and shares that if one has a balcony, s/he can keep plants which brings positive air inside the house. The plants act as a natural filter and cut down on pollution.

He also tells about the structure of Vastu, which is like a man, explaining that the head is towards the north and feet towards the south, and the chest area is like a house area and one should keep that chest area free. He describes more about directions while setting up a house, which tells that North is the direction of knowledge, East is the direction of money, North-east is the direction of Moksha. He also tells that direction of all the rooms and kitchen should be appropriate as per directions which bring power, harmony, and energy in the relationships and house.

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